Mustafa Ürgen

A promising method: Molten salt oxidation of nickel in KOH melts for the direct production of electroactive nickel oxides to be used in supercapacitor applications

Since the invention of capacitor in 1745, very high capacity capacitors that fill the gap between batteries and conventional capacitors could only found widespread use in the beginning of this century. Today these capacitors also named as super capacitors, ultra capacitors or electrochemical capacitors are extensively used in automotive industry, electrical vehicles and also for power quality. Among the two basic type of supercapacitors, electrical double layer capacitors  (EDLC) are more widely used. However, for increasing both power and energy density, pseudo capacitors or a combination of EDLC and pseudo capacitors provides more opportunities.  

Electroactive nickel oxides have attracted substantial interest as pseudo capacitor electrodes due their high capacity. In this presentation after giving and overview on supercapacitors, production and characterization methods of electroactive nickel oxides will be summarized. Benefits of direct production of these oxides on nickel substrates will be explained and the methods for direct production will be compared. Our recent results on the usage of molten salt oxidation of nickel foams for super capacitor applications will be presented.

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