Witold Gulbinski

FeCrNi-aC:H based amorphous nanotubular coatings – 
 a specific case of carbon-based nanocomposite

Nanocomposites based on carbon are an important group of materials applied mainly in thin film form in mechanical microsystems, on cutting tools, machine parts and bio-implants.

They show interesting properties like chemical inertness, high hardness and resistance to cracking, low friction and biocompatibility. Their properties can be tuned by changing metal content.

The lecture contains short introduction to structure and deposition methods of carbon-based nanocomposite thin films containing metal carbides and metals with low affinity to carbon.  The design concept of nanocomposite films is also discussed.

Presentation of recent research results concerns nanocomposite films showing unique, self-organized nanotubular structure formed during deposition by sputtering of multicomponent metallic alloy in hydrocarbon containing atmosphere.

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6th July 2017
MRS Lecture

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